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What Service OGTRAFFIC.COM Provides ?

OGTRAFFIC.COM provides real website traffic.

What are the rules for buying traffic ?

- Url(s) may not contain adult content (unless the appropriate adult category is selected), Hate, Warez
- Url(s) may not use site rotation, extensive redirection, or forwarding
- Url(s) may not load virus or force any downloads
- Url(s) may not disrupt the traffic delivery process
- No Tech Support sites
- No
- No Shortened Links
- No Frame Breaking Scripts Allowed On Your Site
- No Pharmacy Sites of Drugs of any kind

What is the best way to measure traffic coming in ? 

After you made your order, we will provide you with a GOO.GL Tracking link to see where visitors are coming from and how many are delivered .

What is OGTRAFFIC.COM source of traffic ?

We have different sources of traffic for every campain we do.
Traffic sources are Iframes, Popups , Twitter & few other sources.

How fast can we deliver your order ?

Time frame for delivering an order depends on what package you choose. Time for delivery can be between 1 and 15 working days.

Is this traffic safe for Google Adsense ?

Yes, our delivered traffic is 100% safe for Google Adsense.

What Payment options are currently available? 

At the moment we only provide PAYPAL Payments.

Can I ask refund after I made a Payment ?

Refunds are given only if we didnt start your order.
Once your order is started, you are now allowed to ask for refund.

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